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Staying ahead of many codebases may be tricky, let Depbot help you. With depbot you can track your codebases health and security on a single place. So you're always ahead of the curve.

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Reduce Codebase Risk

Identify shared dependencies and risk
Visualize codebase health and plan ahead
Communicate and execute to reduce the risk

The Depbot Platform

The DepBot platform centralizes your dependencies information to provide you with a unified view of your dependencies across repositories.

Depbot Process

Stay Up to Date

Get notified with new releases of your dependencies so you can stay on top and reduce the technical debt and risk of your open source dependencies.


Visualize Security

Gain visibility into the security vulnerabilities that may affect your codebase. Depbot will keep you up to date on the security of your dependencies.


Understand Health

Understand the health of your dependencies, repository and organization so that you depend on libraries that are actively maintained and healthy.

Ready to declutter your dependencies?

Get to meet your compliance and maintainability goals by understanding your dependencies.

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