The Depbot platform.

A modern dependency management platform.

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Take control over your dependencies

Depbot features allow to gain visibility on dependencies across your codebases, allowing you to put the effort on your business and operations.

All of your codebases

Instead of checking with each of your teams Depbot tracks your dependencies on a single place.

Your code stays in your repo

Depbot analyzes your dependencies in your repository, your source stays where it belongs to.

Continuous Process

Depbot integrates to your CI process, tracing your dependencies on each change of your product.

Advanced Security

Depbot authentication is industry grade connected to your email, all the security you know is applied for depbot.

Get notified and Alerted

Depbot keeps you posted on risky changes in your codebases, that way you can stay on top.

Invite Your team

Keep your teams in the dependency conversation by inviting your teams to depbot.

Ready to declutter your dependencies?

Get to meet your compliance and maintainability goals by understanding your dependencies.

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